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Dec 16, 2015 |


The most popular web design trends 2015

Popular web design trends 2015

Every year the main trends in a web design change. Designers constantly experiment and invent something that new. Colors, texture, fonts, illustrations and an arrangement of the menu change. 2015 already almost ended and it is already time to talk about the main tendencies in a web design of this year.

1.High-quality large background photos

Stock photos, it is still used for design, but the unique photos custom-made become fashionable. It allows to make unique the site, precisely to reflect its purposes and tasks. 
Use of a photo to order guarantees that more anybody will have no such photo, and you will be one and only. And also, does you closer to the user, so the game sees all the eyes.

large background photos

2.Background video

The sites, as a rule, tell about the company, about in what it is engaged and that offers. Use of video gives the chance better to open the main idea of a resource and more effectively to attract users. This tendency, undoubtedly, will develop with the latest technologies in the field of 3D - schedules. Statistically, the companies using background photos considerably increase number of sales.
On the site of the company Bloomberg of media, for example, video showing work process which allows to become closer to the potential buyer.

Background video design

3.Parallax Scrolling

Skrolling of elements on various trajectories creates fine visual effect, attracts attention of the user and does of "simply good site" – "the memorable site". The parallax scrolling is an excellent trump, both for the site - the business card, and for a multipage resource. The excellent example of a horizontal scrolling can be seen on the site of the company of Iutopi.

design wtih parallax scrolling

4.Hidden main menu

More and more users goes on-line by means of various mobile devices. The hidden main menu, is developed only in case of pressing it. This fine technique allows to use with convenience the site on any devices.
The main menu disappearing in the bottom right corner appears in a full look, only if to press it.

design witn hidden main menu

5.Partition Screen

Vertical division of the screen gives the chance to show two various elements. It allows to advertize two products, identical on the importance, or service. Or, for example, on the one hand there can be an advertizing photo, and with another the represented production. The company of Peugeot shows in such a way the new slogan, two-piece.

design with partition screen

And after all, I want to tell that tendencies in design of 2015 show a mix from new concepts and traditional approaches. We used some of them in our latest works. Here, for example, at creation of the site we applied Background video

Background video design

And Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling design

Do you want the qualitative site with unique website interface design?

We will help you to create the site according to recent trends in a web design!

Yakovleva Marina

A chief of a design department.

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